Accounting Customer Service

The SSC Accounting Customer Service Team provides services to units including Approver Table maintenance, processing journal entries, service unit billing support, and unit training.

  • Approver Table Maintenance

    Provides assistance to unit Department Managers in modifying the approver table and general questions.

  • ChartField Requests

    Units can make requests regarding ChartFields via online forms (eForms).

  • Lump Sum Advance Requests

    The SSC is responsible for completing requests for lump sum advances and voucher processing.

  • Process Journal Entries

    Units can choose to process journal entries or request that the SSC process them.

  • Service Unit Billing

    Provides assistance to units related to service unit billing.

  • Unit Training

    The Accounting Customer Service Team provides training to units on service unit billing, journal entry, and the ABCs of Accounting.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for making payments and managing supplier information in U-M’s financial system (M-Pathways).

SSC services include the following:

  • Payment Inquiry

    Providing information on the status of a payment.

  • Invoice Payments

    Accounts Payable processes invoices according to the payment terms on the purchase order.

  • Other Payment Requests

    A payment request is used to pay for anything not related to a good or service.

  • Supplier Maintenance

    Units initiate requests to add or modify supplier records in the M-Pathways supplier database. For information on how to initiate a supplier management request, click the appropriate link below:

  • Supplier Reporting

    Manages domestic 1099-miscellaneous IRS reporting guidelines and inquiries from suppliers and departments, and foreign supplier reporting.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable handles billing and collection of money that is owed to the university for Sponsored Projects and General Receivables. SPG 501.05 Accounts Receivable is the university's policy on the use of SSC Accounts Receivable for billing and collection services. For information about SSC AR processes and unit responsibilities, see Overview of SSC Accounts Receivable Processes and Unit Responsibilities.

For information about specific services provided by SSC AR, use the links below:

  • Customer Record Management

    Customer record management includes creating or modifying customers external to the university for which you would bill for goods or services provided.

  • Billing External Customer for Goods and Services Provided

    Creating a bill and sending it to an external customer for payment:

  • Collections

    Contacting customers, in a respectful way, to inquire on the status of an outstanding invoice

  • Processing Payments Sent to the University

    Payment processing includes processing checks, wires, or credit cards and applying the payment to an invoice or ChartFields.

    • Notification of an Expected Payment

      Notifying the Shared Services Center when a customer is planning to make an electronic payment to the university.

    • Identifying a Missing Payment

      Identifying unallocated payments the customer has made and distributing them to the appropriate unit. An unallocated payment refers to funds that were received by the university without the necessary information (e.g., invoice number, ChartFields, etc.) required to distribute to the unit.

SOA & GPR Reconciliation

The SSC SOA Reconciliation Team reconciles exception transactions in eReconciliation for in-scope units.

Travel and Expense